Why We Are Not God, Part 2

Why We Are Not God, Part 2

This is part two of a three-part series of talks given at the ISKCON of DC Sunday Open House.

This three-talk-series will examine the human search for full self-realization as a progression—if it achieves fulfillment—through three stages or platform.

In this second talk, we will discuss jnana. Sufficient experience on the platform of karma may produce the recognition that each and every worldly satisfaction carries, at its core, suffering. This disillusionment may engender a wholesale rejection of the world and a dedication toward transcendence. In this stage (which we call jïäna), one strives to gain the eternal and unchanging by the negation of all name, form, qualities, individuality, personality, etc. One seek the dissolution of his or her individuality to become one with the impersonal absolute. This is a “spiritual” God-project, but my perfection of becoming One with God is really the opposite, a kind of spiritual suicide. I have become nothing—or “Nothing.” Something is still missing.

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